International moves

Whether you’re moving a household
to Houston, or just some personal
effects to Paris, we’ve got the perfect
door-to-door moving solution for you...
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Local moves

Moving around the corner can be just
as stressful as moving abroad. People
tend to think that becouse it is just
a short distance it should not be
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Office moves

Universal Express is highly experienced
in office moving having handled many of
the largest office moving projects in
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Relocation services

We understand moving is only one part
of the total moving equation, so we also
provide a wide range of relocations
services worldwide.
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Document storage

Office space is expensive. Store
your documents off-site with
Universal Express.
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Relocation services

Pre-assignment orientation tours / Home and school search
Work permits and local government compliance
Temporary housing / Furniture rental / Tenancy management
Departure services / 24 hour help lines

Pre-assignment orientation tours.

We reduce the likelyhood of failed assignments by previewing local reality before the transferee and family accepts the assignemnt. Most failed assignments are caused because the family does not settle properly in the new environment.

We therefore arrange a tailor-made orientaion tour for the whole family based on their particular lifestyle and values, to show them how they might assimilate in Serbia. We show them what everyday life is really like in Serbia - visiting schools, supermarkets, medical centers, places of worship and any other places specific to their family needs.

After this tour, the family is better informed to make the right decision whether to accept the assignment or not, and therefore helps our corporate customers avoid costly failed assignments.

Home and school search.

We save companies money by finding and closing on suitable homes for their expats faster.

Based on client interviews, and questionnaire, we preview homes before the transferree sees a select few. This focuses the choice on the most appropriate properties available - saving time and money for our corporate customers.

We do not take commisions from real-estate brokers. We are paid only by our customer, and represent them only. This avoids any conflict of interest and maintains the integrity of the process.

Work permits and local government compliance.

Often overlooked, the red tape of an employee transfer is often the thing that causes the most disruption to business. We help manage red tape and maintain government compliance. From work permits, and visas, to customs clearance, and car registrations - we can help you cope better.

Furniture rental.

Hotels can be expensive, and if you have already rented your home and are still waiting for your own furniture to arrive, we can rent you furniture so you can move into your new home now, save money, and begin your new life quicker.

We can also rent longer-term if the transferee is not bringing thier own household goods.

We also can rent office furniture.

Temporary housing.

Assignments are getting shorter these days. We can find you furnished accommodation for shorter periods.

Tenancy management.

Maintaining a rented property in a foreign country can be problematic. Universal Express can help with tenancy management services. We can pay rent on your behalf, deal with the landlord, maintain the garden and arrange other services and ultilities o an on-going basis.

Departure services.

There is a lot to cope with when your assignment comes to an end. Not the least is handing the property back to the landlord, making any necessary repairs, and arranging final settlement including return of the security deposit. Universal Express can help with all this and more, including mail forwarding to your new home.

24 hour help lines.

Whether a pipe has burst in a home, or someone is involoved in an accident and needs some assistance, - we can help 24 hours a day. We can set up a 24 hour helpline for your expats so they know where to call for any assistance over the phone or with personal attendance. Please call for further details.